Imagine NEVER having to look for support or feeling alone ever again…

Get instant access to virtual womens village for only $20 month

Be You. Together

Virtual Women’s Village is a holistic women’s community with a tribe of trustworthy, professionals that provides a tapas of opportunities for self-discovery and a sisterhood where you belong.


Get instant access to virtual womens village for only $20 month

Allow me to set the scene…

It’s mid-week and your lying-in bed feeling isolated and alone

You don’t know what you want, you just want something more than simply existing 

You have a yearning deep inside to discover the real you 

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and who to trust 

No one understands the constant pressures you are under, you’re too embarrassed to let your friends see the real, stressed out you and you’re feeling…


You’ve been pouring all of your energy into keeping everything running and everyone happy…

    Meal preparations 


    Family time 

    Friend obligations


But no matter how hard you try; you always struggle to find a place to really belong and the resources you need to uncover the real you…

We Make it Easy to Connect in private, with this App

With Telegram, we have created a purposeful, intimate space which really opens up an opportunity to deepen our sisterhood connections.

You’ve been promising to take care of yourself for a long time but never quite found a place where you truly belong or the tools to learn to love & find yourself. 


Where do you start and what do you need? It’s been so long since you’ve asked yourself these questions because all your energy has gone into taking care of others   

I mean, if you can’t even set aside ten minutes a day for yourself, to find the help & support you need and learn to find yourself, then why bother even trying to schedule ‘me time’?!   

❌ WRONG! ❌ 

When it comes to finding support & discovering the real you, we know how hard it is to try and find something that… 

a) has a tribe of trustworthy, female professionals 

b)shows you ways to un-learn what’s not working for you & how to trust your own inner guidance 

Most women I see are making one HUGE mistake. 

They are trying to go it alone when we all have been taught that it takes a ‘village’ and that is no truer than now, in today’s unrealistically, demanding and patriarchal society. 

And as soon as they make that mistake, their self- discovery journey gets hijacked by all of life’s demands and distractions.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely tried to find a supportive tribe at least once… 

You have unlimited potential hiding within that the world needs to see, but you know that in order to actually unleash your potential, first you have to find a tribe of trustworthy women.

And when it comes to finding authentic, professional support, and a real place to belong, we know how frustrating that can feel.

Everyone around you is wearing their mask, pretending to have it all together and they don’t show you their true selves, keeping you feeling isolated and all alone

The struggle ends today

Imagine never being alone again, no matter what is happening in your life. Always belonging to a tribe of real and raw women that are there to support, love and guide you into a place of self-love and trust.

How would it feel if you could easily find the support you need to rediscover yourself within a matter of minutes… rather than trying to continue the struggle of life alone and worse yet, confide in someone, only to feel the false sense of care and concern when they are too busy drowning in their own life.

Get instant access to virtual womens village for only $20 month

How would your life be different if you could:

  CONFIDENTLY walk through life knowing you are supported and make life decisions that are in  alignment with the real you.

  Know EXACTLY how to say NO to things that are not in your best interest.

   Find an AUTHENTIC sisterhood, a safe place to BELONG.

   Take a whole day to YOURSELF without any guilt and enjoy your newfound trust and direction that is in total alignment with your mind, body & soul.

   You can finally belong to a supportive group of women who are real and raw, guiding & sharing their love and ensuring you don’t have to face life alone ever again. 

We’re here to share the great news


You can find a tribe of supportive women without trying to sift through thousands of professionals. 

There is an easier way to rediscover yourself because it’s crunch time and you can’t afford to put yourself second a moment longer. 

We’ve helped hundreds of women learn to trust themselves again and stop living in a constant state of anxiety and overwhelm.


The one thing they all have in common is that they have opened their heart and trusted us to support and guide them. 

 But I know you don’t have the time to sift through a ton of different professionals to support you in the areas you need 

So we’re going to shortcut your path to finding all the professionals and support you need.


Virtual Women’s Village a holistic women’s community with a tribe of trustworthy, professionals that provides a tapas of opportunities for self-discovery and a sisterhood where you belong.  

Yes, I'm ready to join my tribe!

For me, there is real medicine is listening. Listening and being heard by another woman. Walls crumble and the real you – the one who is worried, scared, angry, happy, wanting to share a dream … pours out and is heard. The medicine is sharing knowledge and having a space to be seen. The power is knowing you are not alone.
I feel we’ve got really good at looking like we’ve got this. This career, motherhood, family, wife, life thing. BUT although we’ll happily answer the question “how you going?” with a cheerful “good thanks”, the inside doesn’t always match the outside.

Selena Woodward

Moana SA

As a solo parent without much support, I often feel lonely and overwhelmed; the Women’s Village means so much to me and so many women like me.

This sisterhood is already bringing women of all backgrounds, ages and interests together to mutually support each other.

The friendships and connections that I have made already through the Women’s Village have been amazing.

This village is much needed! Bring it on!

Mary Lochert

Christies Beach, SA

I truly feel the powerful transformation that can happen in a safe and supported online environment of women.

I’ve never really experienced anyone really deeply listening to me before …. it really is incredible how this makes you feel deep inside.

I also love that I’m able to be there for others in the same way. It’s nice to give and receive in the same experience.


Karen Berry

Brighton, SA

What’s Included in Virtual Women’s Village 


Full access to the Virtual Women’s Village Private Facebook Group 

 Receiving several beautiful, tailor made weekly experiences to support your Mind, Body and Soul, providing a true tapas experience.  

We very much embrace the feminine flow and will feel our way with delivering content as the need arises, to best support you. 

The experiences are delivered by either Facebook Live, Zoom or Video. If you can’t be present in the moment… we have the content saved in ‘units’ inside the group for easy ‘go-to’ access. Move at your own pace and participate as much or as little as you like. 



Empower or relax your Mind with experiences ranging from Meditations, Mindset matters, to Manifestation. 


If you’re finding yourself curious, questioning, or looking for more, you can trust this is your soul speaking. 

Be supported as you awaken and expand. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey we are here to hold your hand, offer guidance and practical support to help you gently rise.  


Restore and nourish your Body with experiences ranging from Yoga, Sacred Dance, Sound Healing, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Feminine Embodiment and many others. 

  BONUS CONTENT – We’re full of surprises! 

From time to time we delight you with some bonus experiences. (Without wanting to spoil the surprise), you might expect to see guest speakers and Providers offering experiences like ‘Intentional Living’ or ‘Creative Enterprise support’, or ‘Astrological Readings’, or ‘Indoor Plant Care’ …. the possibilities are limitless! 


We use a third party app called ‘Telegram’ that creates an opportunity for safe, connected conversation, just like you would expect in-person, away from social media. 

There are several interest groups co-created with our members, we like to think this feels like having ‘couch conversations’ at home. 


Your quest for belonging ends right here. Inside our Women’s Virtual Village you will discover that you can be accepted just as you are. That it is possible to feel safe amongst other women, even those whom you may never meet in person.  

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