Terms of Endearment

The Women’s Village

As a Women’s Village community, we want all women to feel safe, valued, included and supported. A place where our hearts are open, filled with love, joy and curiosity.
We believe this is possible when we all see ourselves as both the giver and the receiver.
It is in this glorious exchange that the true magic happens.

Having a clear set of Principles allows everyone to align and agree to the core foundations for The
Women’s Village, and provides a code of practice that builds and strengthens connection, support
and emotional safety.

Guiding Principles (collective)

When gathering with the intention to love and be loved, we are:

  • Accepting – Allowing for different experiences and interpretations whilst withholding judgement.
  • Joyful – Allowing for happiness and excitement to inspire us forward.
  • Loving/Nurturing – Coming from the heart with communication and support.
  • Respectful – Creating loving boundaries for ourselves and valuing the rights of others.
  • Curious – Keeping an open mind to new ideas which may spark inspiration and growth .
  • Inclusive – Embracing the differences among us whether that be social, cultural or spiritual.
  • Supportive – Offering empathy and understanding and seeking help for another if asked.
  • Grateful – Appreciate all efforts made by others who have contributed to your experience.
  • Integral – There is transparency, congruency and honesty in all that is said and done.
  • Kind – Warm consideration of others in our actions.
“As a collective, we are aligned with the Women’s Village ‘Terms of Endearment’ and agree to be present with the intention to love and be loved. “

Terms of Endearment (Cont.)

When gathering with The Women’s Village community in any capacity, it is understood that you are aligned with these agreements:

Participant Agreement
I agree to:

  • Be on time to my session.
  • Listen and follow the guidance of the Provider.
  •  If I don’t want to continue the experience I will see the room guardian.
  • Withhold judgement and respect individual differences.
  • Take personal responsibility and be with my own process.
  • Seek support if I’m feeling challenged and ask for what I need.
  • Physical contact, i.e. a hug must be offered verbally first and only given after consent.
  •  To notify the organisers if we don’t wish to be photographed.

Provider Agreement
I agree to:

  • Run my session on time.
  • Withhold judgement and respect individual differences.
  • Physical contact, i.e. a hug must be offered verbally first and only given after consent.
  • To focus our Experience on ‘in the moment’ value and will only promote any added value that my
    business can offer, at the end of the session.
  • Be flexible with our Experience bookings on the day, understanding that last minute changes
    may be required.
  • Be aware of any Participant who may be challenged, and offer them support in the first instance, then refer to the organisers for additional support if necessary.

Our Story

The Women’s Village is a start-up social enterprise in southern Adelaide.

We have a big vision to create a beautiful, welcoming community hub for women where they can come for support, connection, a sense of belonging and inspiration anytime they need it.
By offering a range of supportive professional and wellbeing services, creative and co-working hubs, and rest and relaxation spaces, the Village will offer a truly holistic approach to supporting the wellbeing of women.

During 2018 my energies were focussed on customer research and validation. Into 2019 we held our first event to call in the Providers, many of you here … who are in service to women in your own work and feel the greater collective pull to bring us all together. This event gave us an opportunity to test many of our intentions to collaborate with you and seek feedback.
From here we moved onto developing a minimum viable product, being our Women’s Village Pop-Up events, of which we’ve held 2 (thanks to COVID) – both of which were very successful and allow us to continue to learn and grow.

The goal will always be a permanent physical space or (spaces) for our Women’s Village, and I always knew that an online space would be in place to support this at some point. The Virtual Women’s Village was born! 

Tania Guest


South Australia