The 'Gatherer of Women' who loves nothing more than to create and hold space for women to connect in a raw and real way.

As a single mother, career woman and CFS volunteer, Tania is grateful to have had a full and rewarding life.  But, still, she had this nagging feeling that there was more. Do you know that feeling?  Like there’s some ‘thing’ missing but you can’t name it?

Tania is the master of helping you find that ‘thing’.

As an accredited Sister Circle and Rights of Passage facilitator, she knows how to create spaces where you will be held in a scared circle of love and compassion which will support you to re connect with yourself, be seen and feel heard.

The magic of her circles has supported hundreds of women through a process of a deep re-connection to self, each other and their soul’s yearning.

She can Support you by:
  • Creating and holding space for you in sister circle.
  • Acknowledging and honouring you as you grow through your womanhood.
  • Giving you permission to make space for yourself and your own needs. 
  • Encouraging you to be brave enough to remove your mask and get real.
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