Niomi Reardon

The adventurer who speaks the language of your soul and will help you reconnect with it.

As an enthusiastic seeker of the meaning of life, Niomi is a fun wellness coach and part time Registered Nurse. She believes prevention IS the cure.

Do you remember a time you didn’t listen to your intuition? Were searching for something and never getting where you thought you should go? Ignoring the subtle messages from your body as you continue to push through.

Niomi did….it ended in burnout. 

Her spiritual journey and adventurous soul has lead her to develop techniques and tools that help her to tune into herself. As a NLP practitioner, life coach, energy worker, women’s circle facilitator and retreat creator, Niomi will take you on adventures you dream about, if you dare.

Do you ‘know thy self’, and how to listen to your inner musings?

Niomi combines magic and science to allow you to expand your mind. The magic of her offerings has supported hundreds of women to experience the expansion of their edges with love , and manifest things beyond their wildest dreams.

She can support you by:

  • Providing safe spaces to tune into source and blossom into your higher self.
  • Walking beside you as you recover and heal
  • Coaching and manifesting experiences to allow transformation.
  • Bringing you into her loving, supportive, and fun community including Women’s Village 
See Niomi’s introduction video here
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