Mandy Price

The Wellness Queen Passionate about Prevention and Play so women can have the health, energy and joy need to be the best version of themselves.

Mandy experienced adrenal burnout after several years of significant life transitions, divorce, death of a parent, a scary accident for her son, buying a house, then leaving a job that was making her ill.

She thought she had the strategies to manage all of this on her own but her body reacted. Aches and pains, lethargy, lack of joy and enthusiasm. She was exhausted and tired of feeling so ‘stuck’. Something had to change!! After many months of seeing various practitioners and spending a lot of time and money on recovering her own health she eventually got her mojo back. She had learnt that she couldn’t care for everyone else unless she took time to care for herself. When she observed so many women around her rushing through their life under constant stress, she feared they may experience the same health issues she had. This prompted her to create her own business ‘Welcome to Wellness’.

Mandy is an accredited counsellor, teacher, celebrant and InterPlay leader.

A party hostess and someone who loves to bring people together for play and deep connection. She has hosted over 30 One Day retreats and 3 residential ones. Through retreats and counselling she provides space and opportunity for women to Rest and Restore from the often frantic, stressful pace of modern life, to experience strategies that support the nervous system and allow them to find their own rhythm again.

Retreat days are based on the five ancient healing Salves of movement, music, silence, nature, and storytelling which allow women to get back in touch with their true essence. Incorporating ceremonies and circle work allows space for the sacred to emerge.

Women have experienced breakthroughs and had a renewed commitment to look after themselves, and to make the changes they are craving in their life. They leave the room feeling lighter, more joyful, and supported by other women. Being nurtured and nourished by other women, resting from having to ‘do it all’ themselves is a great start to finding one’s mojo again.

Mandy has supported hundreds of women to gain clarity, to let go of the guilt, stress and lethargy, and become more optimistic and empowered to create the life they really want.

She can support you by:

  • Creating space for creativity, connection, sacredness and joy
  • Guided self -reflection for clarity about where your life is now and where you want to be
  • Motivating and supporting you to create the changes you need in your life to move forward, to live an authentic, healthy and happy life.
  • Help you find your mojo again
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