Helene Hipp

Supporter of women to become who they were always meant to be, aspiring wise woman and nanna extraordinaire.

Helene has many strengths, including passion, flexibility and curiosity about women, what motivates them and how they can bring about change to ensure they are living their best life.

This curiosity has served her well, whether she has been running workshops for women in life transitions, helping women to reconnect with their joy or counselling individuals in grief or after being diagnosed with a serious illness.

She has combined her passion, experience and varied life skills in mentoring, counselling, educating and assisting women, through challenging life circumstances. Additionally, her many years of supporting people at end of life has made her realise that you really do need to live each day as if it is your last.

She can Support you by:

  • Providing grief and loss counselling (online or in person)
  • Facilitating understanding and navigating grief workshops
  • Individual or small group mentoring to guide women through challenging life transitions
  • Facilitating workshops on finding and reclaiming your joy.

See Helene’s introduction video here


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