Glenyce Durdin

The gifted and intuitive circle song leader, who is passionate about women finding their voice, so that they can let go, be heard, be healed, while nurturing a ‘heart felt’ expression through the power and freedom of singing.

As a professional musician, partner, mother and grandmother, Glenyce has witnessed the healing power of music first hand.

When she embarked on a pathway to heal her own trauma, she knew that music would play an important part in her healing.

This journey of self-discovery, healing and daily learnings have led her to now experience life from a much bigger, more loving perspective, through continually and consciously cultivating and allowing the experience of a ‘deep felt’ sense of love in her body. As she says, learning how to live from the ‘inside out’ has been truly transformational in all areas of her life and she is very excited to be able to be a part of the Women’s Village and offer something of her gifts and skills in this wonderful Community of Women.

Glenyce is a whiz at helping you explore the wisdom, power and unique beauty of your own voice, your expression in the world.

As an experience Circle Song Leader, an accredited Sound Therapist, Energy Codes Coach, Instrumentalist and Vocalist, she shares skills and abilities that may surprise you into joy, laughter and tears and find yourself spiralling and expressing into the very depth of who you are, while creating connection and meaningful community in our monthly Women’s Village Singing Circle groups.

She can Support you by:

  • Sound Therapy
  • Energy Codes Coaching
  • Community Sound Baths
  • Song Circles
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