Working in the Playground of Divinity


When I’m in flow, it’s all go!

Creative flow is not something I can really plan. It’s either there or it’s not. Some days I wake up and I feel like a woman possessed with a download of a new idea that just must be put down on paper, now! Or – forget all my plans for today, there’ll be no letting go of this until it’s done!

Other times the ideas land like a well embedded spark in my gut, that slowly burns until divine timing allows all the rest of the pieces to fall into place.

And then sometimes they pop up and surprise me and just take over, like now for instance – I’m supposed to be doing my monthly bookkeeping and planning a webinar!

Embracing the inspiration

Many might see these spurts of inspo as distraction, or even avoidance and shut them down in order to stick to their ‘to do list’. This was me not so long ago, but now as I open further to playing in this playground of divinity, I see these moments as gifts, and I embrace them.

I am designed to generate action in response to something I feel, something I’ve recently learnt about myself which feels like a gift in itself – that being permission.

Understanding a new way to work

The transition from my old way of working to this new way hasn’t been easy for me. Thirty plus years of conditioning, expectations and demands held me hemmed in.

In many ways I liked it though. It was always good to know that I had a plan for my day (although it often went to poo), I’d make a list I could check through that made me feel accomplished at the end, sometimes there was opportunity to create (in the boundaries of another’s expectations), I had the routine of a clock-on and clock-off 7.5-hour work day, AND I had a regular income. It was reliable, safe and secure. And much of which I now understand to be a very masculine way of being.

These days I dance and play in the realm of the unknown, on every level. As I open myself more and more to a new feminine way of working, I am learning the importance of feeling in my body, rather than thinking from my mind, and the further I open to my body sensations the deeper I trust myself, and most incredibly, the magic of alignment for this beautiful Women’s Village vision continues to astound me.

So these days I allow what is. If I feel like doing absolutely nothing, then that is what I do – without guilt, because there is always something waiting on the other side.

But when the creative flow charges in … there’ll be no stopping me until I feel complete, which will often mean you’ll likely find me still in my pajamas at three o’clock in the afternoon.

I just go with the flow and give myself full permission to do so, and I understand alignment for the gift that it is. There are plenty of days where I can be in action mode to get things done, but even then, I will find the sweet balance of harmony and hustle.

Honouring my calling

For my new work, I have been called to a purpose far more important than any job I’ve ever done, for which there is no strategic plan.

Many, many things have changed in my life and I am challenged daily to let go of what I know and learn a new way of being and doing. The only way forward for me is in blind faith, requiring unwavering trust in a power far greater than me.

Nowadays when I work, I often have a candle burning in honour of my calling and the life it has led me towards.

Three years ago, I could never have imagined that I would be a visionary and find myself here, riding the crest of a wave of a new era, and bringing something completely new into the world.

Despite the many deep and sometimes excruciating growing pains, and regularly facing fears like a warrior woman going into battle, I sit deeply in gratitude for the gift that has been bestowed upon me and would not wish for it to be any other way.

If you’re keen to understand a different way of being, connect with many of our expert providers in the Virtual Women’s Village who will support and nurture you on your journey of self discovery.

Much love,

Tania Guest

Visionary and Leader of the Women’s Village

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