Set your Inner Hippy Free!


People just don’t get you.

Have you been labelled a hippy so often that you offhandedly introduce yourself as ‘ just one of those weird hippy’s?’ 

It is so common in our society to throw anyone who thinks outside the norm into that stereotypical ‘hippy’ box. Whether they dress more creatively, take a stand for the trees, refuse to eat animals or practice yoga and reiki …. somehow being a conscious human being is seen as undesirable for the majority.

You’ll know straight away if you’re one of the ‘weirdos’ because you probably feel like you are constantly swimming against the current, often hearing yourself quietly thinking, “they just don’t get me.”


Well, I hear you sister and I totally relate because I am one of those weird Hippy’s too!

Well technically I’m a Gen X’r as I wasn’t actually around during the hippy era, however I definitely know what it feels like to wonder if anybody will ever truly ‘get me!’ PLUS I dress creatively, do yoga and reiki, and I love trees LOL. 

But seriously, if nothing else these past few years on Planet Earth has shown me, it’s that despite what the ‘powers that be’ dictate, we actually get to chose how we live our life. The problem is that holding onto shame, self doubt or self judgement because the ex husband and daughter think you are some weird hippy like mine do, is not going to do either of us any favours. We will struggle to fulfil our life’s purpose if we continue to believe there is something inherently wrong with our ‘alternative’ view of the world.


I decided it was time to reframe my hippiness!

How did I do this?

  1. I set a clear intention to take full responsibility for my life. To stand firmly rooted in respect and love for myself – for what I think – how I feel – what I love to do and of course how I chose to dress 😉 
  2. I listed all the positive associations and benefits about being an ‘alternative thinker’
  3. I took on the label of ‘weird hippy’ to mean ‘conscious human being’ and now gratefully receive it as a compliment. (Conscious human being meaning being intentional with my word, actions and beliefs)


And then, I searched for communities of people who ‘got me’

Of which I found a few, including the Virtual Women’s Village where I truly feel like I am seen and heard amongst women of all ages, backgrounds and values and thanks to technology it doesn’t matter one bit that I live in a different state because I get to connect at anytime online, wearing my psychedelic pyjama pants. 🙂 

Big love,


Sherree Maniks
Virtual Women’s Village Service Provider, 
Wardrobe Coach and Art Therapist



You deserve to be nurtured the way you nurture others

The members of our Virtual Women’s Village know what it’s like to be apart of a truly safe, loving and nurturing sisterhood.

Every day, women are re-claiming their lives piece by piece to remember who they really are, before they got  crazy busy and lost in the never ending ‘to-do’ lists and demands of ‘life’.

What are you yearning for? What’s that something ‘more’ that’s nagging deep inside you?

We all have access to this knowing, but often we need a little support to find it. Reach out, take our hand and let’s find out together.

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