Much love and Gratitude for our Women’s Village Community

Gratitude for 2021


There has never been a time more than now to highlight the importance of community. With so many shifts and changes occurring around us, having a familiar, supportive, and loving place to land is the essential anchor to help us feel safe, grounded and connected.

I am heartened to say that throughout 2021 in our Virtual Women’s Village, we have been supporting women to navigate uncertainty, to follow their dreams and to trust themselves. We have created a beautiful community where deep meaningful friendships are thriving and where women know they are not alone.

I have so much gratitude to our team of wise and devoted service providers, who have delivered over 120 experiences across the themes of Mindfulness, Soul Expansion and Wellness in 2021.

All of this would not have been possible without the unwavering hearts of my Women’s Village Dream Team (pictured below) who help me bring it all together. These women have stood firmly by my side to help keep me and my vision strong through a difficult time this year as I recovered from a brain injury. It is beyond words to express how loved and supported I feel.

L to R: Marlen, Tania D-T, Niomi, Tania G, Sharon, Sue

To the many other wise women (and men) who offer me support in many directions, I thank you for your continued faith, trust and cheerleading encouragement to keep going.

And most of all, to all the women I have had the honour to spend time with listening to your stories and your raw truths – I thank you for your courage and vulnerability, for your words are my fuel.


In 2022 we intend to introduce deeper and richer experiences for those who hear the call to join us in the virtual Women’s Village, and alongside this continue moving closer towards the grand vision of creating our permanent physical Women’s Village(s).

(Oh, and I also aim to be in touch more regularly).


Wishing you a safe and joyous new year, from my heart to yours.


Much love,

Tania Guest
Visionary and Leader
The Women’s Village


You deserve to be nurtured the way you nurture others

The members of our Virtual Women’s Village know what it’s like to be apart of a truly safe, loving and nurturing sisterhood.

Every day, women are re-claiming their lives piece by piece to remember who they really are, before they got  crazy busy and lost in the never ending ‘to-do’ lists and demands of ‘life’.

What are you yearning for? What’s that something ‘more’ that’s nagging deep inside you?

We all have access to this knowing, but often we need a little support to find it. Reach out, take our hand and let’s find out together.

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