Menopause: Resistance is Futile

Ready or not, here she comes

We all the know the saying, what you resist persists. Unfortunately this saying also applies to menopause!


Menopause is not a dirty word

There is a cultural belief, at least here in the West, that menopause is something unpleasant and to be avoided at all costs – if you could avoid it that is. The reality is, menopause is an inevitable stage of a woman’s life and despite the typical, derogatory connotations that get thrown around, dare I say it, menstrual-pause can actually be the best stage of your life….if you are willing to embrace it that is!


This final womanhood stage is not an easy one to acknowledge

Of course, embracing it can be easier said than done, so if you are more in camp denial, than camp acceptance right now, that’s OK, I totally get it! To some degree I was too and it’s only with the benefit of hindsight that I can now see my change of life journey began around 40 with heavy bleeding. The ‘M’ word wasn’t even a blip on my radar at that youthful age, so I just went along to my Chinese medicine practitioner to sort it out.

Take back you power through acceptance

It wasn’t until I started getting real with myself, addressing blocks, acknowledging and healing my emotional traumas and wounds etc,  that I came to accept and entertain this stage of my life not just as my new reality but as an exciting, new adventure!


Learn from others

I got super curious and started paying attention to other women’s journeys too.

And I noticed three threads that were regularly voiced by the women who were finding the transition challenging. They were:

  • Being in denial and avoidance of the inevitable
  • Being disconnected to one’s emotional world
  • Having an unhealthy diet and unhealthy habits


Get real, change your habits, and find a sisterhood

So what does one do if any of these threads are feeling a little bit too close for comfort? The exact opposite!

Get real and accept where your body is at. There is just no point pretending you are still 21. 

Start or amp up your inner work. Clear out the old stories & find ways to fall in love with your miraculous body.

Change unhealthy habits, because it is my experience that a healthy body has a lot less symptoms.

And of course, sharing your journey with other women is priceless. The Virtual Women’s Village is the perfect safe space to be your authentic self, because we are all about being REAL in here! 


Also, check this out: ‘Mid-life as a Sacred Transition’ is a unique Women’s Village 5-week program tailored to support and honour your menopause journey.

Big Love,


Sherree Maniks
Virtual Women’s Village Service Provider, Wardrobe Coach and Art Therapist

You deserve to be nurtured the way you nurture others

The members of our Virtual Women’s Village know what it’s like to be apart of a truly safe, loving and nurturing sisterhood.

Every day, women are re-claiming their lives piece by piece to remember who they really are, before they got  crazy busy and lost in the never ending ‘to-do’ lists and demands of ‘life’.

What are you yearning for? What’s that something ‘more’ that’s nagging deep inside you?

We all have access to this knowing, but often we need a little support to find it. Reach out, take our hand and let’s find out together.

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