Don’t let Others’ Fears hold YOU back!

The opinions of others can be crushing

Have you ever shared your hopes and dreams, only to be told “that is impossible”? Your excitement at sharing your newfound ambition is drowned by the proverbial bucket of ice water liberally splashed into your face! You are left feeling stupid, silly, or just plain idiotic.


Tall-Poppy Syndrome

I have found that the so-called ‘Tall-Poppy” syndrome is so deeply entrenched in society that, many of us never dare to share our thoughts or inspirations thanks to the fear of being ridiculed. We hide our heartfelt endeavors even from those close to us. We secret our passions from the prying eyes waiting to pounce with a destructive comment or an ‘I told you so’.

Research tells us that those who criticize or undermine our hopes and dreams often suffer from low self-esteem, envy, or fear. They hate the possibility that anyone would dare to take a chance on bettering themselves and leaving past limitations behind. They deflect their inadequacy by degrading any originality, ambition, or unique talent in another person.


Robbed of Joy

There was this one time when I was full of excitement at the prospect of offering a workshop at a local venue. Finalizing the last-minute details, I ran into an old friend. My excitement was met with ridicule and laughter,” What an impossible idea…I can’t see anyone being interested in something like that”.

In one fell swoop, I was robbed of my joy. The cruel words resulted in more than a few sleepless nights. Self-doubt and desolate thoughts tortured my mind. I almost cancelled my ‘sold-out’ workshop.

Eventually, I dared to pull on my big-girl pants… I opened my ears to listen to the faint murmur deep within my soul… “Nothing is impossible. Dare to look again. See the truth right in front of you… Are you truly looking at the word? Look again…” And then I saw it… I re-read the word “Impossible” and saw the truth hidden in plain sight… I’M POSSIBLE!!!



That was the day I dared to say farewell to the relationships and friendships I had outgrown. For the first time, I truly dared to look at some of the smiling faces surrounding me. I recognized my “frenemies” (enemies masquerading as friends). I dared to re-look at some of the women around me; I recognized familiar faces that conspired to hold me back from living my truth. Breaking these familiar bonds was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I felt lonely. I felt lost.


A place where I belong

A call from my heart to find a place where I belong was answered by an unexpected source. An unfamiliar hand stretched out to me and invited me to sit down. Tentatively, I took a place in the Women’s Village. Authentic voices spoke my name. I found my hidden self and knew that I had found a safe space where I belong.

As you journey on your path of self-discovery, searching for connections and a place where you belong – I invite you to take my hand. I invite you to sit down in the spot reserved especially for you. I invite you to meet the real you as you connect with supportive, soul-driven women waiting to hear about and support your passions and purpose. Welcome home, beloved sister.


Estellé Woods
Author of ‘Daring to Claim my Bespoke Pathway’
and Virtual Women’s Village Member 

You deserve to be nurtured the way you nurture others

The members of our Virtual Women’s Village know what it’s like to be apart of a truly safe, loving and nurturing sisterhood.

Every day, women are re-claiming their lives piece by piece to remember who they really are, before they got  crazy busy and lost in the never ending ‘to-do’ lists and demands of ‘life’.

What are you yearning for? What’s that something ‘more’ that’s nagging deep inside you?

We all have access to this knowing, but often we need a little support to find it. Reach out, take our hand and let’s find out together.

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