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  • Instant acess to over 450 pre-recorded experiences to inspire you on your inner journey
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"Being a part of the Women's Village has opened opportunities for me to express my creative self, share my artistic talents & more. I have met some lovely wimmin I have experienced some much needed support"
❤️ Denise Stendara,
Trott Park SA

Frequently Asked Questions

Fit in? A the Women’s Village? No.  We hope not. 

As Brene Brown said “The opposite of belonging is fitting in”.  At the Women’s Village you will find a community of women who show up just as they are. From the super young to the wise and worldly, all women at the Village belong.

Within our community you will find a much needed blend of ages, experiences, life-styles and personalities.  Whether you’re a CEO or a part-time spell crafter, you are welcome.  YOU are seen.  You belong.

At the Womens’ Village we love to play.  We love to play in nature and yes, we do love a good flower crown. Have you ever tried one on?

Every woman deserves to wear a crown. If yours isn’t a flower crown, we totally respect that.  Know that whatever your crown is made of, it’s welcome here.  We can help you to straighten it when you need to. 🥰


Our face to face events happen all over Adelaide, South Australia.  Some of our Women’s Village events are streamed into our Virtual Village for others to access online.

A lot of our events are held in Southern Adelaide.  For example, our International Women’s Day event is held at Kuitpo Forest, our Stitch-It Club is in Christies Beach, our Lunch Club is in Glenelg and our Walking Club is at the Happy Valley Reservoir.

The Women’s Village has a private, members-only Facebook group which contains over 450 pre-recorded experiences from a range of service providers. It is an extensive library of support, advice and inspiration. It is also a wonderful place to connect with like-minded women from all over Australia.

Access to this inspiring content and the opportunity to connect online in this space is included in your membership with the Women’s Village. In order to access this content you will need to be a member of Facebook and be approved by admins to join. 

Our Face to Face offerings will be shared with you in this space too.  It’s a great place to continue and deepen relationships, and keep up to date with the eb and flow of the community.  

If you have trouble connecting with the Virtual Village please feel free to email and the team will be happy to help you join in.

Purchasing a membership to the Women’s Village is an investment in YOU.  You deserve some time for YOU.  You are important.

Our members love being able to say “I can’t tonight, I have <insert women’s village experience here>. Committing to the Village gives permission and space to commit to YOU and you alone.  

We know what it’s like.  The hustle and bustle of work/business, family life and more.. it all takes up so much of our day. So much infact, that there is rarely anytime left to stop, breathe and take time out.  

Self-care is really important.  Spending all day nurturing and supporting others without nurturing and supporting yourself is really tough. 

Taking time out for you means you get the chance to refuel, refill and replenish. A happier, more fulfilled you awaits.

The Women’s Village is for all women regardless of their political or religious values. Most of us are spiritual creatures who enjoy rituals like, meditation, smudging, reflecting and holding space for each other.

We are a group of women who believe that we should be allowed to be ourselves, unapologetically.  Whether you resonate with a particular religion or not, all of you is welcome here.

Permission to be raw and real about ourselves

Our world is partly where it is at today because we are expected to wear the mask of 'my life is perfect' when underneath it is quite often falling apart. Tania's raw and real leadership is helping all of us within the village pull off our masks so we can live lives of authenticity and compassion together and this is priceless!
Sherree Maniks - Women's Village
Sherree Maniks
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