Connecting Women of the world

What We Do

The Women’s Village is a holistic women’s community with a tribe of trustworthy, professionals that provides a tapas of opportunities for self-discovery and a sisterhood where you belong.

Be you. Together

The Essence

The Women’s Village is a place where all women belong, unconditionally.​

​Where women come together to be nourished, to be loved and supported.

Visionary & Leader

Tania Guest

…. Suddenly it all made sense. As if all the pieces of my life just fell into place. Like an exquisite puzzle, the picture emerged with such clarity and intense energy. 

A Women’s Village. A gift of divine inspiration that I now hold with such reverence.

Feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and overwhelm, and a deep yearning to belong, are not unique to me.

My vision: charged with energy of the collective, has shown me another way. I am here in this lifetime to make a big difference. My focus is women, but the impact will ripple way beyond, to all humankind. 

I am leading the way forward with so much love and feel truly blessed and honoured in doing so.

Our Virtual Village

As a Virtual Women’s Village Private Facebook member you’ll be Receiving several beautiful, tailor made weekly experiences to support your Mind, Body and Soul, providing a true tapas experience.

We very much embrace the feminine flow and will feel our way with delivering content as the need arises, to best support you.

The experiences are delivered by either Facebook Live, Zoom or Video. If you can’t be present in the moment… we have the content saved in ‘units’ inside the group for easy ‘go-to’ access. Move at your own pace and participate as much or as little as you like.


South Australia