Get the support and space you need to
grow your heart centred business

Business ... the feminine way...

1. Gather in Circle


2. Attend the Master Classes


3. Live your Purpose


Growing a heart centred business is hard

If you don't have space to explore the way you show up...

Your resistance to masculine business styles leaves you without a plan

The inevitable soul-work your business brings you gets ignored

Your limiting beliefs stall your business growth

…and all that leads to sleepless nights, anxiety, overwhelm and loneliness.

The Women’s Village doesn’t want that for you. 

Biz Sisters is designed as a space to understand what your business is teaching you. To identify and remove the blocks preventing you from fulfilling your purpose and make a plan

How does Biz Sisters Work?

We provide a space where business and the feminine
meet and empower you.

8 business sister circles followed by 8 enlightening business masterclasses

8 Business Themed Sister Circles

Grow your business by connecting to your truth


Creating Room For Magic

Release what's heavy and make space for creative flow and joy.

Get Clear on your Heart's Mission

Attract more customers by being clearer on your mission

The Enneagram and You

Understand how your personality impacts your business

Doing vs Being in Business

Increase your impact by working in a more purposeful way.

Sales vs Service

Learn how to serve your customers so they want to keep coming back.

Value vs Moola

Increase revenue by clearly understanding the value you provide.

Providing a Pathway

Call more customers in by making their pathway to success clear.


Time to integrate and recognise the shifts in you and your confidence.

When you explore your business through the lens of compassion, curiosity and “self”, you’ll not only feel confident in moving your business forward, but you’ll feel it align to you in a way it may never have done before.

Your Plan for Growing Your Heart Centered Business

1. Join Biz Sisters

For just $780* you get access to eight circles and eight masterclasses, take home resources, live recordings, a private Facebook group and the opportunity to work with amazing, supportive like-minded business women.

2. Attend the Masterclasses and Circles

Our circles and masterclasses give you the space and time you need to see and remove any blocks that are preventing you from growing your business.

3. Live your Purpose

Having journeyed with us for 8 sessions, you'll be amazed at the blocks you have identified and removed and the clarity you now possess as your anxiety and loneliness melts away.

When and Where?

All sessions will be held face to face at

The Farm, Willunga on a Monday morning
between 9:30am and 12pm. 

With an option to join us online via zoom. 

*Financial Members of the Women’s Village receive $100 off the full ticket price; making your investment $680. Instalment plans will be available.

Do you struggle to feel aligned in the "business" world?

As a heart led business women I’ll bet that your business was born from your passion to make a difference in the world.  Perhaps, you’ve left behind a “job” to replace it with your “purpose”?

This is a transition. A transition away from just doing and earning towards something far more meaningful, beautiful and personal.

The truth is, as you step into your business, you begin to step back into yourself. 

And, when you share what you’re doing with those around you, they don’t quite get it.  That’s when the overwhelm, doubt and loneliness shows up.

Biz sisters exists to support you on this journey by creating a space that connects vulnerability and empathy (in our business sister circles) to business enlightened masterclass sessions (in our eight masterclass sessions).  We are here to provide you with the support you need as you learn how to be the confident, heart-led business woman you are destined to be.

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