Author name: Tania Guest

Glenyce Durdin

The gifted and intuitive circle song leader, who is passionate about women finding their voice, so that they can let go, be heard, be healed, while nurturing a ‘heart felt’ expression through the power and freedom of singing.

Denise Stendara

Denise Stendara is our super talented, creative Goddess who adores crafting, connection and laughter. Creating custom pieces is her specialty.

Helene Hipp

Helene Hipp offers mentoring and counselling through Grief and Loss, is an aspiring wise woman and Nanna extraordinaire!

Tania Guest

Tania Guest is an experienced space-holder, offering women the opportunity to feel safe to be seen and heard and deeply connected to others.
She is the Visionary and Leader of the Women’s Village and if she’s MIA you’ll probably find her busy creating with flowers.

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