About the Women’s Village Adelaide

Our Story

The Women’s Village is a start-up social enterprise in southern Adelaide.

We have a big vision to create a beautiful, welcoming community hub for women where they can come for support, connection, a sense of belonging and inspiration anytime they need it.
By offering a range of supportive professional and wellbeing services, creative and co-working hubs, and rest and relaxation spaces, the Village will offer a truly holistic approach to supporting the wellbeing of women.

During 2018 my energies were focussed on customer research and validation. Into 2019 we held our first event to call in the Providers, many of you here … who are in service to women in your own work and feel the greater collective pull to bring us all together. This event gave us an opportunity to test many of our intentions to collaborate with you and seek feedback.
From here we moved onto developing a minimum viable product, being our Women’s Village Pop-Up events, of which we’ve held 2 (thanks to COVID) – both of which were very successful and allow us to continue to learn and grow.

The goal will always be a permanent physical space or (spaces) for our Women’s Village, and I always knew that an online space would be in place to support this at some point. The Virtual Women’s Village was born! 

Be you. Together

What We Do

The Women’s Village is a holistic women’s community with a tribe of trustworthy, professionals that provides a tapas of opportunities for self-discovery and a sisterhood where you belong.

We currently have a library of over 450 pre-recorded provider sessions in our virtual village as well as regular face to face events in various locations around southern Adelaide.

Serving ALL women, of ALL ages and stages our unique community continues to grow.  Based in southern Adelaide, we serve women all over Australia and the world.

Hundreds of women have walked with us as we create a space where women feel valued, included, safe and supported.  A place where hearts open and our busy minds quiet.  Where we get a moment to just be.  To put yourself first for once

Women are so busy and we often neglect ourselves as we give to our families, our jobs and others. 

At the women’s village it’s possible to carve out a space just for you.  Where all the lists and business of the day can melt away and we learn to allow ourselves to receive time, energy, love, connection and wisdom.  


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Connect with like minded women​

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