Pay From The Heart

Simply, Pay From The Heart means you check in with your heart and decide what monthly payment feels right for you. 

How it works

Firstly, let yourself feel the possibilities of being a member of this community, of the kind of support, connection and growth you’ll receive and what that would mean to you. Sounds and feels good? Come on in! 

Now you have decided “Yes”, now decide how much per month. Think about the reality of your financial situation and sense into your heart what number feels right for you on a monthly basis. We trust what you come up with, and look forward to welcoming you!



We have decided from the heart to set a minimum contribution of $20 per month. It is Pay From the Heart, and it has to agree with our heart and business needs as well as your own.


Our long-term edge of sustainability, that will keep us in a position to continue providing premium quality content is $30 per month.


Offering a little extra to help those who are struggling. A pay it forward sytem in helping us continue to offer are services to those who can’t afford the minnimum. 

For me, there is real medicine is listening. Listening and being heard by another woman. Walls crumble and the real you – the one who is worried, scared, angry, happy, wanting to share a dream … pours out and is heard.  The medicine is sharing knowledge and having a space to be seen. The power is knowing you are not alone.

I feel we’ve got really good at looking like we’ve got this. This career, motherhood, family, wife, life thing. BUT although we’ll happily answer the question “how you going?” with a cheerful “good thanks”, the inside doesn’t always match the outside.

Selena Woodward,

Moana SA

What You Get

Part One

Full acccess to the Women’s Village private Facebook Group.  Receiving several beautiful, tailor made weekly experiences to support your Mind, Body and Soul, providing a true tapas experience.

Part Two

Empower or relax your Mind with experiences ranging from Meditations, Mindset matters, to Manifestation. 

Part Three

If you’re finding yourself curious, questioning, or looking for more, you can trust this is your soul speaking. Be supported as you awaken and expand. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey we are here to hold your hand, offer guidance and practical support to help you gently rise.  

Part Four

Restore and nourish your Body with experiences ranging from Yoga, Sacred Dance, Sound Healing, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Feminine Embodiment and many others.

Part Five

We use a third party app called ‘Telegram’ that creates an opportunity for safe, connected conversation, just like you would expect in-person, away from social media. There are several interest groups co-created with our members, we like to think this feels like having ‘couch conversations’ at home.

Part Six

Your quest for belonging ends right here. Inside our Women’s Virtual Village you will discover that you can be accepted just as you are. That it is possible to feel safe amongst other women, even those whom you may never meet in person.